Minicruise & Snorkel

Includes: 25 min. snorkeling activity with snorkeling equipment + 10 min. boat ride with one drink + Visit to Lobos Island


Join our Minicruise & Snorkel adventure! Enjoy a short boat trip in one of our boats with underwater view and thus immerse into the fascinating underwater reserve of Lobos Island (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands). From our Glass Bottom Boat you will be able to admire the beauty of the island’s tranquil and transparent water.

Get on the boat at 13h00 in the harbour of Corralejo or at 13h15 in the harbour of Lobos Island and come with us on a trip to the sea beds of this little dream spot in the north of Fuerteventura.

On our round trip we will be able to enjoy the sea’s thousand different blue tones – from a clear green turquoise to a more intense blue colour – that surround the protected national park. Under these amazing waters lying to our feet, we will be able to observe hundreds of fishes and other species of these waters thanks to the underwater view that offer us the Glass Bottom Boats. The trip around the southern part of the island, from where we can see the soft orology of Fuerteventura, leads us to the “El Puertito” (little harbour) through the “El Río” (the river) – this name has been given by the locals to the sea arm that separates Fuerteventura from Lobos.

“El Puertito” welcomes us with its peaceful quietness, its stationary wooden landing stage and its little white houses, where fishermen live behind picturesque blue doors in this unique centre piece of population. This paradisiacal scene is completed by small white sand beaches surrounded by bizarre forms of volcanic rocks giving the harbour its natural shape.

At this spot we turn around and leave behind the reefs of volcanic origin, the natural pools of “El Puertito” and “El Muelle de la Isla de Lobos” until we arrive at a little bay close to the beach “La Concha”: now we will start with the activity that brought us here: snorkel. Here we will anchor for 25 minutes and concentrate on the region’s vast diversity of sea life while we feed the fishes and do some snorkel looking for the treasures that have been given to us by the island’s coast.

Parrot fishes, damselfishes, sea breams and cow breams… approaching and greeting us, sharing with us this unforgettable experience. In order to experience this magic of the Atlantic Ocean you do not need to be a talented swimmer and after a little chat with our guides giving you advises you will be ready to put on your snorkel mask and start with the experience. Let yourself surprise with the dancing shiny colors of the fishes living in their natural habitat.

Do you remember the shiny golden sea bream? The indescribable colors of the ornate wrasse? The strange shape of the tambourine? How you were scared when the little crab came close to you! Funny anecdotes of a different afternoon on Lobos Island will turn this little adventure into unforgettable memories, which you can share with your family and friends.

Do not think about it and come to make snorkel with us, as if you are an expert as if it is your first time, it is very easy, if you still have no idea we leave you a guide of how to practice step by step.

The Minicruise & Snorkel includes:

  • 25 min. snorkeling activity with glasses and tube on board
  • 10 minutes. boat ride with a drink
  • Visit Lobos Island (Optional: Management of Visit Authorization)

How to visit Lobos Island?

Contact us here

How to visit Lobos Island?

Contact us here



20,00 €
Children (4-11)
10,00 €
Infants (0-3)
0,00 €
Authorization Management
1,50 €

Extra Baggage

Bike transport
3,00 €
Surf table transport
0,00 €



(from 01/08 to 31/12)
(from 01/08 to 31/12)
(from 01/08 to 31/12)


(from 01/08 to 31/12)
(from 01/08 to 31/12)
(from 01/08 to 31/12)
(from 01/07 to 31/12)

We depart every day of the year, except:
1st and 6th January, 16th July (Day of Virgin Carmen), 25th December and any possible cancelations due to bad weather conditions.



Paseo Marítimo Bristol.

Puerto de Corralejo.

(Next to “Cofradía de Pescadores” and bar “La Lonja”)

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Calle Peatonal General García Escámez.



Puerto de Corralejo.

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Calle Peatonal Isla de Lobos, Muelle Chico de Corralejo

(Opposite the Tourist Office)

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