Mountain Bike and Ferry to Lobos Island


Lobos Island: travel by ferry and mountain bike

Lobos Island is a natural park located in the north of Fuerteventura. Such is its beauty that it was declared a Natural Park in 1982 due to its geological and biological diversity, since more than 100 plant species and different animals coexist. Its beaches are characterized by white sand and calm waters, which is why they make the Canary Islands a magical place to and ride a mountain bike in a privileged environment.

There is the possibility of being transported by ferry and arriving at Lobos Island. Once there, it is common to find tourists and families enjoying a mild climate and forgetting about the stress of the city and routine.


bike trail in lobos

Mountain bike: benefits of outdoor activities

The year 2020 changed the world completely with the arrival of the pandemic and, therefore, of social and sporting restrictions. Thus, 2023 is the perfect year to enjoy a well-deserved disconnection, carry out outdoor activities and be in contact with nature, such as cycling. Mountain bike is ideal for sustainable tourism and caring for the environment, while strengthening physical and mental health.

A person who is in contact with nature and with different landscapes will improve their self-esteem and develop their creative side, thus the fun part of the human being is activated and becomes an improvement in social relationships. In addition, there are studies that have confirmed that riding a bicycle synthesizes vitamin D and eliminates cortisol cycles (hormone that produces stress). Thus, many tourists return from their vacations with a notable improvement in their anxiety levels and, therefore, a better quality of life (getting to sleep properly, making new friends, etc.).

Mountain bike routes: commitment to active tourism in Fuerteventura

Active tourism has arrived to revolutionize the sector in Spain. Sun and beach tourism has always been known, but in recent years this trend has changed. Active tourism is committed to outdoor activities that require a relative physical effort.

The striking thing about this type of tourism is that it is a different way of traveling. Sports are practiced and healthy lifestyle habits are promoted while discovering a paradisiacal tourist destination. Tourists stop being spectators and become a fundamental part of the environment and nature, always with sport as an excuse.

What are you waiting for to enjoy an unforgettable vacation? We are waiting for you with our Mountain bike and Ferry Package to Lobos Island


  • Transportation and bicycle rental throughout your visit
  • Round trip boat tickets from Corralejo to the natural park
  • Optional: visit authorization management

Rental deposit

  • The day of the trip you must leave a deposit of €20.00 per bicycle. Once the bicycle with the helmet is returned, you will be reimbursed using the same form of payment.

What should I bring?

  • Enough food and water
  • Adjustable visor cap (highly recommended)
  • High sun protection
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for sports
  • Towel, swimsuit and flip flops


Lobos islet lighthouse


Fran Espejo
Marzo 18, 2023
Puntual y personal muy agradable
halime quintero
Marzo 17, 2023
Excelente servicio, todo el personal muy amable, he realizado el paseo y el snorkel, me ha encantando!
Isabel Fernández López
Febrero 20, 2023
El barco es grande y el paseo muy agradable. En la parte baja tiene unas cristaleras donde puedes ver el fondo marino, pero sin duda lo que nos encantó fue que a mi primo se le cayó un peluche que le gustaba mucho y todos se movilizaron para ir a buscarlo, una lancha más pequeña se acercó a buscarlo con las indicaciones de la tripulación de nuestro barco, un detalle inolvidable que puso la guinda final a un día para recordar. Muchas gracias por todo.
Febrero 20, 2023
Fantástica experiencia! Fuimos desde por la mañana muy temprano y a la vuelta a mi sobrino se le cayó un peluche al mar! Fue muy emotivo como lo fueron a buscar con otra lancha, era un juguete muy querido para él y la operación de “ rescate” fue un detallazo. Les doy 5 estrellas porque no se pueden dar 6. Gracias por todo
Marcin Molitor
Febrero 11, 2023
Prom jak prom, tani i skuteczny
Nati Castroseiros
Febrero 7, 2023
Fuimos en el barco al islote, todo super bien organizado y local. Recomendable
Enero 30, 2023
Nice boat tour - reasonable price and good to explore Lobos. Not loads to do on the island so take your own food and drink!
Maia Segouat
Enero 4, 2023
Très bon trajet en bateau avec un personnel très accueillant et souriant, je recommande cette compagnie ! L'option snorkelling n'est pas forcément intéressante car on plonge très près du port d'arrivée, c'est accessible par les rochers facilement. Mais ils prêtent masque et tube pour ceux qui n'en ont pas.

How to visit Lobos Island?

Contact us here

How to visit Lobos Island?

Contact us here


Adult (+12)
35,00 €
Authorisation management
1,50 €

Extra Baggage

Bike rent included
0,00 €
Bike transport included
0,00 €
20,00 €






We depart every day of the year, except:
1st and 6th January, 16th July (Day of Virgin Carmen), 25th December and any possible cancelations due to bad weather conditions.


Bristol Promenade.

Corralejo port entrance.

(In front of La Lonja bar)

Bus: Line 6


Daily departures:

Check schedules

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Bristol Boardwalk.

Port of Corralejo.

(Next to the La Lonja bar)


Open: from Monday to Sunday
09:00-13:00 / 15:00-18:00

View on map


C/ Peatonal Isla de Lobos, small pier of Corralejo. In front of the Tourist Office.


Open: from Monday to Sunday

View on map