Construcción del barco Majorero

History of the Barco Majorero, tourist icon in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, the jewel of the Canary archipelago, has forged a captivating history over the years. This island, with its spectacular landscape, endless golden sand beaches, towering dunes and crystal clear waters, has evolved from a remote corner to become a renowned tourist destination.

The history of the Barco Majorero is really interesting and is related to Fuerteventura tourism.

This ship has witnessed how the island has changed and become increasingly popular with tourists over time.

Now, we are going to explore this history in more detail and understand how it has been a fundamental part of the evolution of Fuerteventura as a vacation hotspot.

Design and construction of the Majorero Ship

In the spring of 1989, in a distinguished shipyard in Palma de Mallorca, the creation of an innovative wooden swallow with a glass bottom began. This magnificent vessel, with a length of 19.95 meters, was powered by an engine and had the capacity to accommodate 150 passengers. Every aspect of its design was meticulously conceived to provide unforgettable tourist transportation experiences. After its construction, this jewel of navigation was baptized with the name “Majorero”.

The Barco Majorero is distinguished by its wooden design and glass bottom. While she sails, passengers can see directly into the sea below them, enjoying the view of fish and the seabed. This feature makes every trip an opportunity to learn and enjoy nature.

The inaugural voyage and arrival in Corralejo

The Majorero, one of the largest ships that had ever docked at the Corralejo dock, left the Balearic Islands in the early hours of August 6, 1990. After a brief stop in Algeciras to regain strength, it began its direct journey towards the warm Canary coasts. For five days and four nights, she sailed the seas until, finally, on the morning of August 11, 1990, the Barco Majorero arrived in Corralejo. This marked the beginning of its service as an essential component of tourist transportation in the region.

Concession and regular route

An event of great relevance occurred on June 21, 1991, when Nortour received a valuable concession from the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy. This concession allowed them to operate the regular line between Corralejo and Isla de Lobos. Since that day, the company’s commitment has been unwavering, connecting the municipality of La Oliva with the island of Lobos on a daily basis, a natural space that is a true treasure of Fuerteventura.

More than 30 years of service

For more than three decades, the Barco Majorero has offered daily departures from the port of Corralejo, becoming a constant in the life of the island. Throughout this time, it has maintained the highest standards of safety and comfort, always prioritizing the satisfaction and well-being of its passengers.

Cultural impact

The Barco Majorero has transcended its role as a simple means of transportation and has become a symbol of cultural and economic wealth in the region. It has allowed visitors to explore the natural beauty of Fuerteventura, promoting environmental awareness and cultural enrichment.

September 16, 2023

However, in the history of the Barco Majorero there is also a less pleasant chapter.

On September 16, 2023, while taking a walk along the coast of Islote de Lobos, the ship rubbed against the rocks on the seabed.

At that time, the boat was carrying 47 passengers. Thanks to the prompt response of the crew and the collaboration of other vessels in the area, all occupants were evacuated safely and without suffering significant damage.

This incident underlined the importance of preparation and effective response to unexpected situations in the tourism industry. The company demonstrated its professionalism and dedication by ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

Repairs were carried out under the supervision of the relevant authorities and fuel extraction was efficiently managed to prevent environmental impacts.

The collaboration and support of our townspeople, businesses and organizations during this unfortunate episode proved vital. Their contribution and teamwork were essential in ensuring that events proceeded safely and smoothly.

In times of adversity, community solidarity and collaboration proved to be comforting and fundamental. The company sincerely appreciates the understanding and support received from everyone and is committed to continuing to provide a safe and reliable service in the future.

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